Accommodation (including caravan sites) closed due to COVID-19

23 March 2020

The Government orders all accommodation, including holiday lets, caravan and comping sites to be closed for the foreseeable future due to the risk of COVID-19. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/explainers-52010555

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Anderby Creek Car Park Re-Developed

29 April 2019

Anderby Creek Part of the New Coastal Walk

27 February 2019


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Anderby Creek and Anderby Village in the heart of the new Lincolnshire Coastal Country Park

2 April 2018

Triton Knoll wind farm gets green light

11 July 2013

Triton Knoll wind farm gets green light

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Bird Hide Opens in Anderby Creek

25 June 2010

Watch the video here.

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Anderby Creek features in new film, A Boy Called Dad

3 June 2010


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World’s First Cloud Bar Opens in Anderby Creek

1 April 2009

Drainage Museum Created

31 December 1992

The diesel powered pumping station, which served the area well for nearly 50 years, was preserved by the Alford Drainage Board when the new electrical powered pumping station adjacent to it was opened in 1992. For more information, please visit the Lindsey Drainage Marsh Board website.

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Anderby Parish Flooded

31 January 1953

Photos (including that of Anderby Creek) from the BBC website. The floods also moved the Village Hall in Anderby Creek from next to Victoria House (Grace’s Shop) to behind it.

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Anderby Church Restored

31 December 1887

The Anderby Church nave was restored and the chancel rebuilt in 1887.

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Creek Cut

31 December 1828

‘A rivulet goes past it to the sea, and forms a small harbour; and a canal, cut in 1828, at a cost of £37,000, connects it with Alford. …’ For more information about the description of Anderby in the Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales in 1870-72, please visit the Vision of Britain Website.

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St Andrew’s Church in Anderby Built

31 December 1759

For more information, see the British Listed Buildings website.

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